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Energy Efficiency During Winter Months

With winter fast approaching, it won’t be too long before we turn our AC’s off and our heater’s on in preparation for the cold season.



With winter fast approaching, it won’t be too long before we turn our AC’s off and our heater’s on in preparation for the cold season. Although it doesn’t get too cold in Louisiana, the winter months can be the most energy-inefficient time of the year.

With these 5 helpful tips, you can experience a winter in a warm home without seeing a spike in your electric bill.

Change your HVAC Filters Monthly
Keeping your filters clean and clear from debris is one of the easiest ways to save money during the winter season. Not only will a clean air filter help the air quality in your house, but you’ll also keep your system running as efficiently as possible. Also, make sure your vents are free from obstruction to allow for maximum air flow throughout the house.

Make or Buy a Draught Excluder
Gaps under doors and windows can let air out of your house, making your thermostat work harder. To prevent air leakage, make or buy a draught excluder. Local hardware stores sell foam weatherstripping and double draught stoppers, but there are also many DIY draught stoppers available online.

Put your Ceiling Fan in Reverse
Once it starts feeling cold inside your home, it may be time to see whether your fans have a reverse switch. Reversing your fans help draw cold air up to the ceiling, while circulating the rising heat around the room.

Assess your Heating Zones
If you have a large home with unused space, try lowering the heat and closing the doors to the rooms you use less frequently. By doing this, you will be trapping the heat inside the rooms where you need it, instead of dispersing the heat through the entire home.

Make Use of your Heated Appliances
If you’ve taking the necessary steps to properly insulate your home, but want to save even more on your energy bills, try utilizing your heated appliances. After using your oven (and after it’s turned OFF) leave the oven door open to heat your kitchen while the oven cools down. Also, after taking a bath, allow your bath water to cool before draining it. The heat from the water will warm the bathroom instead of letting the heat escape through the pipes.






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