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Commercial Insulation

Commercial Insulation

One of the most effective and efficient ways business owners can control energy bills is to insulate their commercial buildings from top to bottom. Insulation is one of the least expensive investments you can make in increasing the value of your commercial building, while reducing your cost of daily business by decreasing your energy expenses.

There are many insulation materials available, including Rockwool, Fiberglass, and Cellulose, which are available in both blown and batt/roll types. Our expert technicians evaluate each situation, and recommend and install the type of insulation best suited for the commercial building.

Insulating interior walls is critical to ensuring a quieter, private, and more pleasant work environment in your commercial building. Without proper insulation, noise from plumbing, ventilation, equipment, or simple speech can carry through an entire building.

The Blow In Blanket® System, or BIBS, is an excellent solution for interior wall insulation. By filling all voids and gaps within the walls, and installing insulation around pipes and plumbing fixtures, such unwanted noise can be significantly reduced.

The attic is the most critical area to insulate in your commercial building. The local utility companies recommend installing insulation rated at R-30 or R-38 in an attic. At Tempco, we have experience at first inspecting and determining what R-value insulation is required to adequately insulate your attic, and then installing it while taking care to avoid covering any fixtures or access areas.


Spray foam is a revolutionary product, offering superior insulation performance, while also providing a healthier, quieter interior atmosphere to your home or business.

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The industry-leading, BIBs is the commercial high-performance insulation system. The BIBS system is a proven, state-of-the-art insulation system utilizing specially manufactured fiberglass blowing wools installed in the walls, floors, attics, and cathedral ceilings behind a proprietary fabric. The system forms a seamless blanket of insulation that completely fills around pipes, wires, and other objects inside the cavity to increase thermal efficiency and eliminate costly voids and air gaps. This process helps provide you with the highest, full cavity effective R-values attainable today.

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Retro Pan

Retro-Pan Insulation is a 3/4" nominal layer of 2.2 lb density Polystyrene foam, sandwiched between a highly reflective surface, and a white polyethylene sheet. It is ideal for retrofitting existing metal building, ceilings and walls.

Adding Retro-Pan Insulation to your metal building improves the insulation value of the building envelope, and significantly increases its energy efficiency. As well, all products in this line are classified as Class 1/Class A in accordance with the UL 723 fire test standard; UV inhibitors help provide a durable and lasting finish.

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THERMCO FOAM insulation is a thermal and acoustical foam insulation.

At the time of installation, it has the consistency of thick shaving cream. It quickly cures to fill the cavity with rigid (but soft) insulating material. The nature of the product and the method of installation combine to give THERMCO FOAM insulation a number of significant advantages over other products and methods.

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Tempco Insulation is proud to be the only provider of K-13 insulation in the area!

K-13 insulation is the spray-applied commercial cellulose insulation tailored to your specific project requirements. It’s an exposed finish that requires no additional materials and it meets specifications for insulation (R-value), noise reduction (NRC), color, durability, condensation control, texture, and aesthetics. Also K-13 can be cost effective. It is applied to virtually any properly prepared surface and configuration.

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