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One of the most effective and efficient ways homeowners can control energy bills is to insulate their homes from top to bottom. Insulation is one of the least expensive investments you can make in home improvements, while reducing your energy bills at the same time.

Exterior Walls


There are many insulation materials available, including Rockwool, Fiberglass, and Cellulose, which are available in both blown and batt/roll types. Our expert technicians evaluate each situation, and recommend and install the type of insulation best suited for the home or building.

The Blow In Blanket® System, or BIBS, gives each home a custom-designed, seamless, thermally efficient, sound reducing blanket that completely fills any void.

BIBS is a patented process that blows fiberglass insulation into cavities behind netting. The process requires installation techniques designed specifically for BIBS.

Interior Walls

Insulating interior walls is critical to ensuring a quieter, more pleasant atmosphere in your home. Without proper insulation, noise from plumbing, ventilation, appliances, televisions, stereos, teenagers and even simple speech can carry through an entire house.

The Blow In Blanket® System, or BIBS, is an excellent solution for interior wall insulation. By filling all voids and gaps within the walls, and installing insulation around pipes and plumbing fixtures, such unwanted noise can be significantly reduced.


BIBS with InsulSafe 4 surrounds electrical boxes, preventing costly drafts and cold spots and provides a one piece thermal barrier for water pipes, as well as, great acoustic control.


atticThe attic is the most critical area to insulate in your home. The local utility companies recommend installing insulation rated at R-30 or R-38 in your attic. At Tempco, we have experience at first inspecting and determining what R-value insulation is required to adequately insulate your attic, and then installing it while taking care to avoid covering recessed lights, fans and other fixtures.